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Purple High 30 ml
Purple high 50 ml. eau de parfum

Purple High is a blend of citrus, narcis, bluebells, lily of the valley, ambergri, tonkabean and coconut on amethyst. This fusion allignes the fysical, emotional en etherical body. depending on ones c

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Purple High is a perfume blend with citrus, blue bells, lilly of the valley, ambergris, tonkabean and coconut on amethyst.
This blend ensures the connection between the physical, emotional and the spiritual body.
Great for the 'headoriented' people amongst us.
Inner senses will be alerter and with guidance the own proces will be unfolded mildly, layer by layer.
Depending on one's personal condition the energetic intensity of the perfume will be experienced accordingly to that.

Purple High is also energetically related to the energy of Morganite, saphire and the colours aqua and mauve.