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Golden Sparkle 30 ml eau de parfum
Golden Sparkle 30 ml eau de parfum

Golden Sparkle is a perfume fusion with tangerine, clary sage, jasmin, lilly, moss-rose, sage, olibanum, wood accord with pallisander, oakmoss and benzoë siam on honey calcite

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Golden Sparkle perfumefusion is a blend of tangerine, clary sage, jasmine, lily, moss-rose, sage, frankincense, wood chord with rosewood, oakmoss and benzoin siam honey calcite.

This perfume will put you on the ground with both feet and let earth power in !
Calcite is a  very powerful cleanser and boost the confidence. It is sun as well.
With this escentie there is room for new initiatives, new balance and relationships.
gives clarity in vision and a clear mind.
Sacred frankincense  connects with the higher energys from a steady centered self on the vertical axis.