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escentie perfume medaillon

rvs perfume medaillon with a felt inlay in one or more colors, to match up your personal escentie single or blend. You can spray or drop the fragrance on the felt inlay. Felt wil carry the fragrance

€ 19,00
Price per unit



Stainless steel medallion with 1 or multi-colored felt inlay on which the escentie perfume can be sprayed or dripped. 
Felt retains scent very well. The medallion itself does not take up any odor and can therefore be used for all escentie perfumes , single or blends, over a longer period.
You will receive 3 extra felt inlays so that you will also have a clean felt for different perfumes
If you use many felts, the felts can be supplied separately on request.

The escentie medaiilon is a nice way to carry your energy perfume with you without touching the skin.
You can even carry it in your pocket or handbag to keep your supportive energyscent close.