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unique perfumes supporting your path of enlightment
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Unique perfumes
At 6th Sense Perfume Lab we develop special scents. Unique scents that focus on awareness and personal growth. Escentie perfumes.
Escentie perfumes are a fusion of perfume ingredients, colors and crystal and therefore have their own unique vibrations. From the holistic principle, assuming that everything in life is energy and communicates with each other, these vibrations have an extraordinary effect on the human energy level. The escentie on which your own energy resonates can provide balance and relaxation in your life. Also from the anthroposophical ideas with which the minerals, plants and animals are embedded in our people, our inner being can find recognition in these scents.

Your energy
The escenties of the 6th Sense Perfume lab have been compiled with the utmost care and offer a complete ingredient range that is at least 90% organic.
Because the perfumes are composed according to energetic values ​​and not according to trends or role models, there is no need to distinguish between ladies and men's fragrances. What matters is that the perfume fits you and your energy. If this is correct, then the smell is always good. Your own fragrance database is formed during life by storing in your memory, smells linked to experiences. This contributes to the individual experience of the escentie perfumes. Personalized escentie blends can also be made for you on request.

escentie @ professional
Energetic therapists and light workers also find an effective tool for their treatments in the escentie series. If you also want to work with escentie, take a look at @professional and contact us.