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escentie reeds Diamond Benefit
escentie reeds Diamond Benefit
energetic home fragrance with reeds en semi precious stones. Excellent to use at work or at home to clear the energy around you and support your own energy system. Grounding and clearance.
€ 60,00
Price per stuk
escentie reeds ensure subtle clearness, increase your  personal focus and clarity in your suroundings.
De kristal fusion with scent and colour will support you through the dosed release of the reeds.
focus and clarity without any efforts.
All escentie reeds have a clearing effect on the surounding they are placed in each of them with an extra bonus.

Diamond Benefit home fragrance is grounding and clearing and as well effective in case of geopathic stress.

The escentie reeds are  mild and made with a non toxic carier and with al low CO2 footprint. therefore eco friendly and longlasting.
One bottle of escentie reeds will acompagny you for at least 3-4 months!
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